April 27, 2014

Some rackets of Arantxa Rus, Richel Hogenkamp and Paul Haarhuis.

Stringing determines to a very large extent the properties of your racket. Good stringing makes a world of difference!

We can assist you in selecting the right strings and hardness for your body, playing style, and racket. After the selection, we will restring your racquet for you with the same quality we use at international tournaments.

If you don’t like the new stringing, we will restring your racket again free of charge, until it fully meets your needs!

We can provide a good stringing for all budgets. Our price for restringing a racket is €11 if you bring your own strings. We prefer you to bring your own strings. This way you can safe money by buying coils, we can maintain our prices because we don’t have to keep stock and focus on our business. Prices for stringing including the strings vary between €14.95 and €79.95.

As it’s not always possible to bring us your racket, you can also send it to us by mail. Within the Netherlands, we will send your restrung racket back to you without any costs!

Some examples of our selection:

All round
Racquet Priority Blue €14,95
Wilson Sensation €16,95

Comfort & power
Babolat Addiction €24,95
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase €27,95
Babolat VS Team / Touch €54,95

Durability & control
Racquet Priority Black €16,95
Yonex Poly Tour Pro €20,00
Babolat RPM Blast €22,95
Luxilon Alu Power €24,95