April 27, 2014
Het racket van Robin Haase op het Prince Tuning Center.

Robin Haase’s racquet on the Prince Tuning Center.

Customizing is adapting your racket to your preference. It already starts with the purchase. You choose a racquet on the basis of the sheet size, the weight, the grip size, and other factors. The racket is restrung with a string type and certain hardness. We check whether your racket / stringing is ideal for your way of playing.

We can do much more than just the standard racket. We can adjust all specifications of the racket, so your current racket will perform even better! You’ll play better and you will to a large extent even be able to prevent (tennis related arm) injuries. We have developed a formula that takes all factors of your game into account and that is how we figure out your ideal racket!

We can do this by:

  • Adding or removing weight
  • Changing the balance point
  • Adjusting the swing weight
  • Making the racket longer or shorter
  • Adjusting the grip (size and shape)

Rackets that are similar at first sight, may have different specifications from the factory. Therefore, you can have two rackets that are exactly the same, with the same restringing, but still one of the rackets plays better than the other one. We can make all your rackets identical (matching), so they all play exactly the same!

If you don’t like your customized racket, we will continue adjusting the racket until it fully meets your needs!

-Adjusting weight, balance point or swing weight – from €32.50

-Matching (make several rackets identical) – from €32.50

-Adjusting the length – from €37.50